Leonard Skully presents an all Mexican line-up at Kraak, Manchester.

Tickets hereThe Polar Dream Gira

7pm, 20th Aug 2015


The Polar Dream

“The quality instrumentals and sound effects on today’s featured track ‘The Wooden Ship’ conjure up imagery of a wooden ship of old sailing towards the Northern Lights at night.”  Insomnia Radio
Source: http://insomniaradio.net/2011/06/12/the-polar-dream-the-wooden-ship/

“The music of this Mexican 5 piece follows every rule of the holy book written by Mogwai and Godspeed, with openings of light, sweet melodic piano and glockenspiel, humming guitar; repition leads to evolution which in a similar style to Mono and This Will Destroy You threatens to erupt at any moment”  Almost Blue
Source: http://almostblue2010.blogspot.mx/2010/06/album-review-polar-dream-follow-me-to.html


“Musica Psicodelica Mexicana”

Helea Gimeno’s music seems to reach across vast distances. It is simultaneously longing, earthy and cosmic. Her stylings recall Joan Baez, Los Jaivas, Broadcast, a hint of PJ Harvey and a heap of her own special medicine.


Leonard Skully PhD