Sally & Prinss Revisited CD


“Sally & Prinss Revisited” by Politburo. Released 22nd December 2012

10 track album on CD. Includes digital download.

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On December 22nd 2012, the Manchester band, Politburo, released their first album…a piece that they entitled ‘Sally & Prinss Revisited’. This album had been in production for an undisclosed period of time, during which the members had released a variety of other works in different projects. Many of these musical fancies remain in the vaults, unheard bar for a select few whom band individuals have deemed trustworthy. I cannot comment on Politburo’s secretive practices. My job in this missive is to tell you that ‘Sally & Prinss Revisited’ is a beautiful thing that I feel honoured to promote. It recalls the simplicity of a children’s nursery rhyme, cut with a kind of psych-flavour which defies the norms of the genre. It is a genuine attempt to explore the kind of territory which has previously been the preserve of the night-time fair ground, the folk tale and the childhood dream.



Leonard Skully, PhD

10 track album on CD. Includes digital download.

“We get psychedelic cut ups as interludes, we get long, drawn out guitar slug-it-outs like Hung from a Tree and we get a whole heap of sounds and attitudes on tracks like New School Shoes that have you thumbing through your Rubble compilations with a wondering frown.” (Incendiary Magazine)

“Alexander’s songs are stories telling of blue tongued lizards, bible girls and rats’ skulls…it’s a gratifying trip.” (The Big Issue in the North)