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The music label brought to you by renowned academic, TV presenter and charity figurehead Leonard Skully PhD.

All of our releases can be purchased via mail order or at our associated Manchester music venue and shop The Peer Hat.

The Veldt

NEW EP AVAILABLE MARCH 2016 – see our shop.TheVeldtFC


“Their combination of fuzzed-out audiences and moody soul mystified audiences in the 90s – but now pop music has finally caught up with them, two decades on.” – The Guardian

The Veldt make a triumphant comeback with Its pure embrace of mood music; “premiere new single ‘Sanctified'” – Wax Poetics

“They deliver a potent mesh of soul, shoegaze and ambient music with both RnB and Motown influences apparently clear.” – The Record Stache

The Plague Doctors
“They were not quite massive ants; not quite huge buzzards; nor were they decomposing human corpses. They were something I cannot and must not recall.” Pop Impresario Jonathan King.

Buy The Plague Doctors album ‘On The Moon’ here.OnTheMoon

Stranger Son

The new Stranger Son mini-album ”Last Days Of Butterfly” was released 25.11.13 on Leonard Skully Records.

A creative maelstrom, one of Manchester’s most expansive sounding bands” The Quietus

“Post factory sounds with poetic set pieces, dusted in organic industrial themes” 9/10 Louder Then War

“sprawling cinematic grooves, encompassing frustration and disconnection” 4/5 The Big Issue


“Sally & Prinss Revisited”

10 track album available on vinyl, CD and download.

“We get psychedelic cut ups as interludes, we get long, drawn out guitar slug-it-outs like Hung from a Tree and we get a whole heap of sounds and attitudes on tracks like New School Shoes that have you thumbing through your Rubble compilations with a wondering frown.” (Incendiary Magazine)

“Alexander’s songs are stories telling of blue tongued lizards, bible girls and rats’ skulls…it’s a gratifying trip.” (The Big Issue in the North)

CD and vinyl stockists include Piccadilly Records (Manchester) and Rough Trade (London)

“An endlessly inventive and dynamic recording, “Sally And Prinss Revisted” is the debut album by Politburo. Pleasingly hallucinogenic, through out the lp the band tightrope-walk a line between bucolic whimsy and a tougher willingness to forge ahead with noisey bursts, fuzz guitar and obscured sounds. At the heart of each song is a melodic sense that recalls the heady days of Kevin Ayers-era Soft Machine or mid period Gorkys. Peel back the layers and each component of every track seems expertly placed and a joy unto itself” (Rough Trade)

The Jungfraus

Manchester band The Jungfraus have been making a name for themselves through their enthralling psychedelic live performances. This is a band with two front men, but not like ones you’ve seen before – here we have the earthly altzanger Mick Kenyon and the fay baritone Joe Levi Hodkin. Byrdsian guitars interweave with the strange keyboard sounds of Jonathon Rathbone to form a shimmering Indra’s Web cast over the thunderous drums of Liam Farr and soul bass grooves of Ste Grimes.

Listen to The Jungfraus new free song “You Won’t Catch Me” which has been made available ahead of the band’s debut album.

The Bibles present “Seven Songs”


01 dobo the rat

02 two tail girl

03 travel

04 shedontloveyouanymore

05 church of satan

06 callaloo

07 bedroomselfhelpdeathmantra

08 wrong tree

09 seven songs

10 magic chords