Ladies and Gentlemen may I have your attention please? Gather round. Step right up, step right up! C’mon ladies and gentlemen gather round. Let me tell you all about the Fantastic Musical Cure-all Remedy Tent. Guaranteed to cure all ailments and give you unbelievable power. Yes my friends, it can give you the strength of a raging bull, the fortitude of a wild bear, the charm of a genuine Indian cobra! The Fantastic Musical Cure-all Remedy Tent will be pitching up on Levenshulme Market on 7th March and the brand new NQ Market on Stevenson Square on 15th March. Spectators will be delighted to know that they only have to bare witness to one of our amazing performers on that day to feel the benefits. Performers such as John Ainsworth, Helea Gimeno, The Jungfraus, The Bear Around Your Neck, Politburo and Chloé Sch. Don’t miss this rare opportunity. That’s Levenshulme Market on 7th March and NQ Market on 15th March. 12pm-4pm.lskullyphd





Leonard Skully, PhD