More Stranger Son Album Reviews, an Interview and a New Video.

Louder Than War Review of Last Days of Butterfly 9/10

“Stranger Son’s latest album combines epic post Factory sounds with poetic set pieces all dusted in organic industrial themes and wrapped in a post punk post rock vision. A rare record and a soundtrack fit for the north west capital.”

Incendiary Magazine Review of Last Days of Butterfly

“…this new LP from Stranger Son is a damned good listen; brilliantly paced, intelligent and with atmosphere enough to satisfy any glum head.”

The Quietus Interview Stranger Son’s Gareth Smith

“With this album, I wanted something more immediate. I didn’t want to be in a studio trying to insert reverb or tones. I wanted the atmosphere there from the start. We found Victoria Baths, which was perfect as it was tiled, so the noise flew around everywhere. It wasn’t a gimmick thing and it certainly wasn’t funded in any way. The album was recorded during one afternoon and most tracks were two takes.”

Terrascope Review of Last Days of Butterfly

“This is a great album that will reveal more layers each time it is played…”


Praise for Easter’s mini album ‘Innoncence Man’

Manchester band Easter have been receiving much praise for their 6-tack album ‘Innocence Man’, which was recorded here at 11STSQ.

Here’s a recent announcement on the band’s website


“Few things we haven’t mentioned here…we were #2 in Folly of Youth blog’s Top Ten Albums of 2012. Total shame that he won’t be around for a while (or ever!). He’s been one of our keenest supporters. Cheers to “The Archivist!!!” Check the list out here:
We somehow made it into the Cloud Sound’s Festive Bestive! Cheers! Check the podcast out here:
We also came in at #17 in Sic Magazine’s Releases of 2012 and “Somethin’ American” was #32 in the Tracks of the Year feature:
Off Your Sonar’s round up of 2012 features “Innocence Man” too, some sweet albums listed:”