Last Days of Butterfly by Stranger Son 25.11.13


We are excited to announce the new Stranger Son mini-album ”Last Days Of Butterfly” is to be released 25.11.13 on Leonard Skully Records.

”Last Days Of Butterfly”, Stranger Son’s third album, took place in a drained Edwardian pool in a listed building in Manchester, and was recorded and mixed live to 1/2″ tape.

The first 100 copies will feature hand-printed sleeve inserts. The release will be also accompanied by a series of short films.

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Sprawling cinematic grooves, encompassing frustration, disconnection and tension”. 4/5 The Big Issue

“Dead headed riff opines, very much cultivated in a harrowing Roland S. Howard stylising. Bleak stuff”. The Sunday Experience

“Spindly guitars and deep, dark angry voice, the tension is terrific  and you may want to carry a knife when listening”. 8/10 Norman Records