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Ummagma to release new studio album “Compass” on June 26th 2019 on Leonard Skully Records

We are pleased to announce indie pop electronic rock duo Ummagma will be releasing their vinyl LP ‘Compass’ this June on Leonard Skully Records.
Their third long-play, this is the duo’s first album in seven years and also the first time the band is releasing a record on vinyl.

Ahead of this album, they present the “Caravan” single, along with a special B-side “Ty i Ya”. The title track is an invigorating pop rock anthem inspired by the musicians’ own journeys and infused with Carpathian gammas and percussion. Listen to the new single below.


You Won’t Catch Me by The Jungfraus

Manchester band The Jungfraus have been making a name for themselves through their enthralling psychedelic live performances. This is a band with two front men, but not like ones you’ve seen before – here we have the earthly altzanger Mick Kenyon and the fay baritone Joe Levi Hodkin. Byrdsian guitars interweave with the strange keyboard sounds of Jonathon Rathbone to form a shimmering Indra’s Web cast over the thunderous drums of Liam Farr and soul bass grooves of Ste Grimes.

Listen to The Jungfraus new free song “You Won’t Catch Me” which has been made available ahead of the band’s debut album.