Manchester Cunning Folk Festival, 11 Oct 2014

11th Oct @ Kraak, Manchester

On several occasions in my career, I have involved myself with ‘grand musical acts’: that is, the bringing together of different artists and musicians to affect a particular alchemy. With varied results have I laboured, and now, once again, I bring to you something which I hope, shall titillate your senses in a fashion that you might consider unusual. I call it The Manchester Cunning Folk Festival. The location will be that almost antediluvian seeming alleyway outside of the Kraak Gallery: a place that has become soaked with memories and emotions of nearly every kind.

We will witness poetry and noise from the minds behind PARADOX and music from a host of the finest audio magicians. The alleyway, it is my hope, will take on the quality of a bazaar, as Manchester’s artists come together and attempt to create something of beauty.

And why the name: Cunning Folk Festival? These are strange times, at least to this observer. Look to your artists, for they will fulfil your needs when times seem barren. Be wily, like a fox. Is there an Adversary? Perhaps, perhaps not. These people…these ‘cunning folk’ shall come together and show you a glimpse of what is to come. Gird yourself.

– Leonard Skully, Phd